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One web-enabled database (your own) unifying your staff across all locations and sales channels.

Wineries typically come to us after three vendor turnovers where they’ve tried to make incompatible systems communicate and work together.  
eCellar® consolidates (on average) 3-5 of their systems into one.

To protect your winery and consumers against theft and fraud, eCellar incorporates the three pillars pf credit card security: Tokenization, EMV and P2PE.

  1. 1 Tokenization Protects credit card at rest.
  2. 2 EMV (Europay, MasterCard, and Visa) De-risks your tasting room from onsite credit card fraud.
  3. 3 P2PE (Point-To-Point Encryption) Hardware-based encryption/decryption of credit card data in motion, eliminating clear-text transmission in your network.

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